Hoodia Gordonii - A Review

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/23/2007 | Health
The Hoodia Gordonii plant was used by the SAN tribe men, in Kalahari
desert, as a way to avoid hunger and thirst during the hunt.

In 1996 it was studied, and their effects were validated
scientifically, because it was non toxic, and caused laboratory animals
to loose weight. The P57 or pregnane glycoside is the active principle
of the extract.

The rights of commercial exploration of the Hoodia extract belonged
to Pfizer company, but in 2002, it was released to public research
because of the difficulty in synthesizing the P57.

The main effects of Hoodia are reduced interest for food, specially
for sugary products, larger intervals to hunger, augmented satiety and
sense of repletion, and a feeling of energy boost.

In the last American Diabetes Meeting, while the Hoodia effects and
research were being discussed in the auditorium, the buzz was high in

Itīs being considered as a real promise in Diabetes, Obesity and
metabolic syndrome treatment. The best is, it is a natural remedy.

It is believed that it actuates in hypothalamus, a brain structure
that controls appetite, thirst, sex and sleep functions. There is an
enhancement in local energy levels (ATP production) and then,
hypothalamus sends messages to upper brain, to block appetite.

As of the moment, there are no side effects, but itīs not recommended in pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Usual dosage goes from 400 to 800 mg of extract per day, corresponding to 60 to 120 mg of P57.

One capsule before the main meals can make a person be satisfied with forty percent less food.

There are indeed, a fifteen to twenty percent of people that donīt see any effects with the extract.

Large scale and blind-controlled studies are essential and needed
to confirm the usability and safety of the extract. One of the
non-believers already said that the amount of P57 necessary to cause
some type of effect would need that a person eat more than one pound of
the plant per day...

The conventional, allopathic doctors are still in the beginning of
its use, but orthomolecular and homeopathic practioners are exultant
with its results.

Because of the many Hoodia-based products in the market today, some
countries are controlling firmly the registering and selling of this
extract. In fact, no country has a Hoodia product registered as a drug,
only as a health supplement.
There are many counterfeit products that are ineffective and can even be hazardous to health.

Always talk with your physician before attempting such treatment.