Going On Blind Dates

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/23/2007 | Dating
A lot of you must have been eager, or, at least, curious to go out on dates with a complete stranger. Yes, that's right, someone you've never met and seen until you have finally decided it is time to try something new. You, then, ask your best friend to set you up. But before you get so excited, I guess a little bit of planning would add up to the thrill.

1. Do a background check.

So you have agreed for your friend to set you up with a person whom your friend thinks is your soul mate. However, just because your friend said so does not mean that this stranger is really meant for you. You must check what type of person you'll be spending your date with. A little snooping won't harm at all. Ask your friend for an email address or mobile phone number, and start getting to know him/her before the actual date happens. Who knows, you might not want to date this person after all. Or, better yet, you will be so excited that you can't wait to meet up with your blind date!

2. Remember that it's a first date.

Dates are dates. It's not like you are going out to receive a marriage proposal or you're going to end up the evening with a boy/girlfriend. This is your first date, so keep it casual and simple. Restaurants with good food and lots of people can be a good place to start with. You can exchange stories and talk a lot when the ambiance is just cool and comfortable, not when it's formal and stiff.

3. Dress properly.

Just because your blind date is casual doesn't mean that you may show up in your beachwear. Or that you need to look like a fabulous movie star. Remember, you're out to have fun, so don't worry much about what to wear. Be true to yourself and dress casually, something informal yet decent. Don't wear that will show much of your skin. Reserve that for future, intimate dates, if there will be any.

4. Mind your manners.

Be sure to respect your date, and expect to be respected in return. Rigidity is a big no-no during blind dates, but being too open about you is also as bad. You need to keep a balance between striking a good conversation as against sharing dark or personal secrets. This is you first date so remember that the other person is not yet a close friend, even if all indications point to that. Also, don't put up your expectation levels too high or you might end up disappointed.

5. Keep in touch.

You don't really expect to click with a person on your first date because the time is very limited. If you don't entirely hate the person you may probably want to meet again. So keep the communication lines open. You'll never want to miss the chance to be with your prince or princess charming, right?

All blind dates may turn out fine or turn out bad. Lack of chemistry or lack of spark during the first date is normal. Just because one did not work out well does not mean that all blind dates will be a disaster.