3 Things To Know Before You Start Marketing With Safelists

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/23/2007 | Marketing
Safelists offer another way to get your message in front of people for little or no money. If you are willing to spend some time reading email messages you can have the favor returned.

However, marketing with safelists can be a total waste of time if you do not do it right. In this article we will discuss 3 things you should know how to do do before you start safelist marketing.

1. Set up a separate email account with GMail and then use it to receive messages from other marketers. Hotmail and Yahoo offer you to many problems with spam and you will not receive the email messages you want to see.

Why do you want to spend time reading emails? Here is why!

2. Join credit based safelists that reward you for opening your mail. Read the messages to earn credits and in turn create opportunities for your email to be read. The more credits you have the more messages you can send.

Much like traffic exchanges, and other forms of internet marketing, safelist marketing becomes a number game. With credit based safelists even an average ad with an average title will get looked at because your audience is trying to create credits!

This is good for you as long as you have plenty of credits built up. You can spend your money and buy credits or you can spend your time and earn them reading emails if you are working with a credit based stateliest.

Also by looking at the email of others you may learn a thing or two about what make a good heading and a good email message. By paying attention to what catches your eye you will get ideas of your own that will help you get read more as well.

If you believe in sending out good vibes, or you reap what you sew, then reading other people's emails is the right thing to do if you want yours read. This seems fair and it is.

3. People marketing on Israelites are looking for traffic. Therefore why not market traffic generation products to them. Capture their name and email, and then follow-up with other things you sell. By taking this approach you build a list for future marketing efforts and you accomplish something that will do you good in the future.

Approaching marketing with safelists with these 3 things will make your time and money more well spent.