Decorating in Small Spaces

By Nelson Stewart Published 10/23/2007 | Real Estate

As a general rule, complicated, busy patterns and bold colors make a space look cluttered or imposing. That's why there area few design rules to help make your small living space—be it an RV or mobile home—look bigger.

When you have a choice regarding upholstery, choose  minimal or no patterns. Consider the mood you want to achieve: Darker colors will make your space cozy, but if you prefer to go for a light and airy look, light, cool colors such as soft blues or greens will make your home appear more open. A monochromatic color scheme is calming to the eye. This means that all the ap holstered items are either the same color, or in the same color family, such as slightly lighter and darker versions of the feature color. If the furniture is a similar color to the wall, it will blend into the room, opening up the visual space.

Assure that your furniture isn't blocking the view out of windows, or even obstructing the view from one room to another. Visual distance will help calm your eye in a small living space. Also, walking circles around furniture to get from one room to another will only make you agitated, so clear pathways help you feel comfortable in many ways.

Let the light in. Consider lace window coverings rather than heavy blinds wherever it's appropriate. Make sure you have plenty of light fixtures and windows to assure there are no dark corners in your small living space.

Finally, it's all about storage. Think up, not out. Stackable storage totes will utilize your limited closet space far more efficiently than trying to cram everything into the same floor-space. There are also lots of close-to-ceiling storage options, such as hanging nets or high shelves. 

Living in a small home or RV can be a great! By following these helpful tips, you can be assured maximum comfort.

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