The Beauty of Teak Wood

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/23/2007 | Home Improvement
Do you love to laze in the sun? Do you enjoy entertaining friends and family on the deck and by the pool? Do you hate hot metal patio furniture that rusts? Do you loathe resin tables and chairs that crack and discolor in the sun? Take heart, there is a solution: teak wood patio furniture.

Yes, teak wood is the answer to all of your entertaining, sunning by the pool, having drinks on the deck needs. Yes, it is expensive, but well worth the price because teak is not a "just for this summer" purchase. Teak is a lifetime investment.

Teak is a dense, oily, hardwood from Southeast Asia, renowned for its resilience to weather. Boat decks have been made from teak since the day of the clipper ship, as have English garden benches, some over a century old. In addition to weather resistance, teak wood resins repel termites and other wood boring insects. In addition, the wood does not react to suntan lotions and body oils, and never splinters.

Teak wood patio furniture offers tables and chairs that are smooth and cool to the touch, and lighter than their iron counterparts are. Teak is also maintenance free, with no need for staining or treating. In its natural state, teak is a beautiful honey-gold color that over time forms a silvery-gray patina, further protecting the wood underneath. Teak can be left in its patina-covered condition, or with light sanding or the use of teak oils, can be revived turning it to its original color.

Teak wood furniture is not just the traditional umbrella table and chair set either. Pieces range from simple folding chairs and side tables to deep-seated, padded cushioned sofas and love seats. Coffee tables, side tables, outdoor bar furniture and planters are available as well.

The most popular teak wood furniture pieces, though, are the ones that recline. Chaises, loungers and recliners are at the top of the popularity chart, available with cushions, side drink trays and ottomans. Heavier than the other furniture, the loungers and chaises usually come with two or more wheels to aid in easy transport.

Adirondack chairs are a hit, too. Their high backs, wide arm rests and contoured seats make them especially popular not only with homeowners, but with restaurateurs. These particular teak furniture pieces offer not only a place to sit, but also a place to eat. Outdoor cafes and bistros find them extremely efficient, offering dining seating without requiring extra tables.

Not only is teak wood furniture durable, weather resistant and incredibly sturdy, it is also easy to machine tool and hand carve. It does not rust or corrode, warp or sag, and the manufacture of teak wood furniture is more energy efficient than the methods to fabricate metal furniture, or those to produce plastics. These are the traits that not only make teak a beautiful visual choice, but also a sound financial one. Buy it once and you are done, for yourself and for generations to come.