3 Way To Stop this Embarrassing and Stressful Barking Forever!

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/23/2007 | Pets and Animals
A barking dog is quite a pain and can be very embarrassing for the owner of the barking dog. Keeping neighbors awake at night is only one negative side effect of this loud barking. Even for the dog's loving owner the barking can be irritating.

A barking collar is a genius cure for wayward pets in need of humane and gentle correction. But before you start a barking collar treatment, make sure you understand why your dog is barking.

Things to be Aware of Before the Stop Barking Training:

Several things can be at fault with a barking dog. If a zone is fenced off, but with a clear view of annoyance, like too loud cars and noisy children, he will inevitably bark. For example, if you have a neighbor who regularly walks by, and perpetually yells at the dog or scares the dog, things will only get worse. In this case, try to talk to the neighbor and ask him to treat the dog with respect. Try fencing off the area of the yard that irritates him too much.

Other reasons for the barking dog can be hunger, thirst, excessive heat or cold. Dogs need food, water, and during extreme weather they need an indoor spot. They may bark to no end for any of these reasons. If you've checked all of the above possibilities, barking collars may be your last solution.

Barking Collars: The 3 Ways to Cure Your Dog's Barking Problems:

There are barking collars that may be considered humane or inhumane, but for the sake of information lets talk about all of them.

Spray barking collars are very popular. They have a device in the front, directly beneath the dogs' chin. When he barks, an unpleasant smelling spray is released. Dogs don't like sprays in their noses, and the sound may also startle him. This treatment is not painful, and is considered humane.

Choke barking collars may be scary for the dog, but is supposed to be entirely safe. When the dog barks the collar automatically constricts, in a choking action. It has a sensor that detects the proper width at which to close. Bruising is not usual but can happen in some cases. The problem with these barking collars is that they have in some cases malfunctioned and choked the dog to death.

Shock barking collars are not commonly used today, because they are considered inhumane and cruel. What is worse is the dog will develop an association with what or who caused him to bark. For instance, if a child causes the dog to bark, you may have a dangerous situation. The dog doesn't know that it is wrong to bark. He will think that looking at that person or object is wrong. As soon as the collar comes off, he will have associated the child with his pain.

Final Words on Barking Collars:

Remember, people do not like barking dogs. If you've tried other methods to correct your dog, and no method seems to work, then invest in a humane barking collar. Spray barking collars are best and most humane, as they don't do physical harm to your pet. It is only natural for dogs to bark, so don't punish him for doing it, just correct the behavior.

You really can get rid of your dog's barking problem once and for all and these humane barking collars and treating your dog in a proactive way will really help you achieve just that.

Action is the key to success here!