Aging is Inevitable, Growing Old an Option

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/26/2007 | Aging
Most women fear aging because they are afraid that with it comes the inevitable appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Some may also fear growing old because they think that they are running out of time, and they still have a lot of things they want to do.  Whatever the reason, I think growing old is something to look forward to.

Theres just something enigmatic about older women.  They have more
experience, they are wiser, and they know what they want.  Womens fear of growing old may also be connected to the fact that her biological clock is a-ticking, especially for unattached older women who have no children.

Growing Old Gracefully

The more you delay the inevitable, the longer it will take you to embrace growing old and enjoying every minute of it.  While it is true that your youth will fade as years go by, it is also true that the years youve had are what make you an amazing woman.

Younger people may seem intolerant of older people, but that is only because they dont understand the concept of growing old at least not yet. 
Bear in mind that aging doesnt necessarily mean that you will become
limited, especially in activities, if you know how to keep your body healthy.

I've seen 70-year-olds still staying active in their sports and some women in their 50s thrive more at this age.  Perhaps this is so because they have understood the dynamics of living, and they have become well adjusted and
adept to the challenges of life.

Growing old gracefully means you accept it and embrace it.  It is something each one of us will have to go through whether we like it or not.

Older Women and Dating

Who says only the young can enjoy the dating scene?  Have you seen the
older set of celebrities snagging hot, younger men?  Some men prefer dating older women because older women are more understanding and better at everything else.

They also like the stability that older women have.  Truth be told, younger
women are more fickle-minded and more demanding two things that almost always result in fights and breakups.

Contrary to popular belief, older women are more mysterious because they do not wear their hearts out on their sleeves anymore, unlike when they were younger and so eager to please their partners.  Older women are more
challenging and exciting to know.

There are more things to discover about them, and they have more to offer than younger women.  In fact, younger women sometimes fear older
women because they are not in the same league.  They could look younger and even sexier physically, but older womens sexiness comes from within, which is more lasting than anything physical anyway.

So the next time you dread getting a year older, think about the benefits of getting older.  Old age will only catch up with you if you let it.  Age is, after all, only a chronological number that dictates how long youve been in this world.