Should You Get Your Shoes Online?

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/26/2007 | Women
There are two things most women cant live without, shoes and bags/purses.  Any woman, young or old, will have at least a few pairs of shoes for casual, rugged, corporate, and formal wear.  Hardly will you find a woman who is satisfied with only one pair.

This is why the shoe industry is a thriving business.  The best news of all is that, with the onset of internet shopping, getting your hands on a pair of good shoes has never been easier.  You can easily browse through different kinds of shoes for whatever occasion, whatever the design and make without having to leave the office or home.

Finding Shoes Online

Since internet marketing is a competitive business, most online shops offer great deals on their items.  You can get a good pair for a much lower cost than when you try to get them in retail and outlet stores.

However, if you do decide to get your pair online, you have to bear in mind that the color, texture and size may slightly vary when you actually see them.  If you see a pair that you really like in one of the outlet stores, you could try them on for size and then search for them online.  This way, you would have already seen them in person, and you have a good idea of how they fit you and how they look on you before getting them at a better price online.  Dont settle for one shop you happen to come across on the internet.  It is best to have more options you can choose from as what you probably do anyway when you get them in land-based stores.

Choosing an Online Store

When picking an online store where you can get your shoes, look at the more popular ones before browsing through the selection of the newer stores.  If you dont know where to look, ask around or simply use the internets search engines to give you a better idea of the best stores online.

While the cost may be slightly lower than most, some shops charge an additional fee for shipping, especially if you are getting a cheaper version or only one pair.  Free shipping sometimes comes when you buy more than one pair, so consider its cost as well.

The other thing you have to consider is the shops return policy.  Your vendor should realize that there is a possibility you can change your mind about the actual pair when you get them, so discuss thoroughly how you can go about changing the pair you originally ordered.

Nonetheless, most stores online are very accommodating with their customers requests to keep them coming back for more, so choose the ones who readily answer your queries and are very friendly.

There are also shops that specialize in designer shoes, so if youre looking for these, opt for those who specialize in them to make sure that you will not be handed a lemon or a fake.  All in all, shoe shopping has never been more enjoyable, so click away and get your pair online.