The Right Swimwear for Your Body Type

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/26/2007 | Women
Some women dont look forward to summer, and they dread going to the beach because they are not confident that they will look good in any kind of swimwear whether one-piece, two-piece, string, or boyleg.

Still, others will opt to cover up even at the beach by wearing string pants, wrap-around sarongs and even denims.  While theres nothing wrong with wearing them since these are also considered beach wear, you just cannot keep hiding behind them for the rest of the summer!  By the end of summer, youll probably be the only one who doesnt have a tan.

Overcoming Summer Fear

The first step in overcoming your fear of the bathing suit or any form of swimwear is to come to terms with your body type.  No body is perfect, not even those of the models you see in magazines and runways.  They are covered in make-up and air-brushed in the pictures to create the illusion of perfection.

Secondly, if you carry yourself with confidence and an air that says you couldnt care less what other people think, people will most likely notice and admire your confidence more than what youre wearing and how you look in them.

Lastly, putting on swimwear doesnt necessarily entail you showing off skin more than you can handle.  There are proper swimwear covers that will hide a little fat in the tummy or bacon thighs or whatever else youre not so confident about.

You can wear a bikini skirt or a top that covers half of your tummy if you feel self-conscious, or you can throw a sheer cover over your swimwear so people will still see that you are wearing something for swimming underneath.

Picking the Right Swimsuits

Whatever your body type, there are swimsuits that will best suit you.  The key is to stay away from those that are too skimpy when youre a little on the heavy side or too full when youre a little leaner than most.

Your body may not be proportioned, too, such as being too top heavy or having a bigger bottom that sometimes the sizes dont fit both the top and bottom parts of your body.  However, you dont have to give up so easily because there are specialty stores that carry just about all sorts of swimwear for different body types and sizes.

Some even carry separates to make it easier for women to mix and match their choices and really get a whole ensemble that fits both their top and bottom.  You may also try to search for the perfect bathing suits or bikinis for your body type on the internet as most online shops also offer swimwear and beach wear.

Now if youre worried about birth marks showing or some beauty mark that youd rather not show the whole world, there are tanning and camouflage sprays you can use to hide them, and they are waterproof, too!  This way, you dont have to worry about the camouflage rubbing off once you hit the water.

So put on that sexy number, and hit the beach this summer.