The Right Watch for the Right Occasion

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/26/2007 | Women
Whether youre dressed casual, rugged, formal, sporty, or even playful, there is a watch that will perfectly suit your getup.  Watches are not only a necessity for telling time although that is their purpose but more importantly, the kind of watch you wear on any given day will also tell what kind of mood youre in.

Watches are also a fashion statement.  They are not worn, especially by women, with anything.  There are watches for everyday wear, for formal events, sports events, and such.  However, the kind and make of watch you wear also has some bearing on your fashion style.

 Whats in a Watch?

Unfortunately, some women commit the fashion faux pas of wearing the same watch even on formal gatherings.  If you dont know what watch goes with the gown you plan to wear for your prom or your sisters wedding reception, look at fashion magazine, watch celebrities walk down the red carpet or simply browse through the internet for some tips on the proper watches for every occasion.

For instance, a leather-strapped watch may be a bit off when youre wearing a black number for your date.  Your next best option if youre unsure is to forego the watch and just go bare for the time being until you figure out which goes with what.

Since the internet is a treasure chest of useful information on just about anything, do a little reading on watches.  You might be surprised to find that a watch simply is just not a watch.

Buying Watches Online

Designer watches can be found in online stores as well.  However, be careful not to fall for a dud as there are makers of fake watches that can copy the look of any designer watch to the last detail except its durability and dependability.  Sooner or later, you will find that your Swiss watch cannot tell the right time or that your Rolex logo has fallen off the face of your watch.

As you will be seeing the watch on your monitor, you wont be able to tell if its the real deal, so its best to get your watches from well-known and well-respected online shops only.  Better still, read more about fake merchandise sold online and how to detect one before making your purchase.

You will find that some people were made to believe they were buying the real thing when, actually, they paid more than what they got.  Join group discussions and read blogs to better equip you with the right information.

While you will find designer watches online are cheaper, usually to attract more customers, if its too cheap to be real, dont get it.  Carefully consider, too, the shops return policy to protect you should you find that you were sold a lemon or a dud.

Nonetheless, dont let this stop you from getting the watch that youve always wanted.  These precautionary measures are just to protect you.  So the next time you want to get yourself a new watch, the internet is as good a place as any.