The Skirt of the Matter Is

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/26/2007 | Women
The versatility of a womans skirt is really amazing.  For instance, a peasant-style skirt that reaches just below the knee can turn into an instant tube top, and with the right accessories, youve got yourself a whole new outfit!

Skirts are the second-best thing that separates women from men, after pregnancy and giving birth, naturally.  They are sexy and feminine, and they never fail to turn a mans head towards you.  Men after all, gravitate towards any woman wearing a skirt.

In the olden days, women wear a skirt way down to their ankles, and showing just a little bit of skin under the hemline is already considered teasing.  Nowadays, skirts can go from mini to lengthy, and they can both have the same sexy, chic and feminine look if worn the right way.

The key is to pair it up with the right top, and you can go from casual to corporate to formal in no time at all.

Skirts for All Occasions

Finding the best skirts is fairly easy.  You can get all sorts and styles in different outlet stores, and you can even get some online.  If youre going for the corporate look to cinch the deal or get the job, you can pair it up with a more formal top or blazer/coat.

After work and you have no time to change for a date, you can just lose the coat or blazer, accessorize and youre good to go.  Skirts, after all, are very flexible.  In fact, if you dont know what to wear for a date or any other occasion, skirts are your safest bet unless youre going mountain climbing.

Skirts are also good for Halloween costumes, just dress them up according to your theme.  There are a lot of other reasons why women love skirts and why every woman should have at least a couple in their wardrobe.  However, the best to date is that they turn heads, and they flatter any womans looks.

Dont Skirt the Issue

If you are one of those who feel more comfortable wearing a tank top and jeans to almost anything, its high time you give skirts a chance.  Youd be surprised at how different youre going to look in a good way.

On the other hand, if youve had a bad experience with skirts before and youve sworn against them, all the more that you should give it another try because, for one thing, if you want to get a second date, its best to wear a skirt to your first one.

Now, if you dont have one in your wardrobe and you dont know which ones will look good on you, you can always look at catalogs over the internet or look in fashion magazines.  Youd be surprised at how many great selections you can find, and you could end up getting more than what you originally planned to buy.

So the next time you want to attract someones attention, close a deal, get the job, or pretty much just give any kind of situation a little push, wear a skirt.  You could possibly get better results than if you wore pants.