Buying a Call Center Software Its Quality and Price

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/26/2007 | Marketing
Nowadays, the fastest growing industries around the globe are the BPO industries.  Of all these BPO industries, the sector that is taking a hold of the BPO market is the call center industry.  There are now thousands and thousands of call center companies all over the world.  This increasing and continuous popularity has led to a great demand for call center software.

What is Call Center Software?

Basically, call center software are software that are primarily intended to manage and maximize communications and interactions.  These are software that enables companies to reduce hold time between calls.  These enable easy and immediate routing of calls.  They also provide immediate call reports.  With good software, call centers are able to maximize and enhance their service, management, reporting, and efficiency as well as reduce cost.

Selecting Call Center Software

Like every other purchase, it is essential that you do your homework before you actually purchase your software.  There are factors that you have to consider when choosing your purchase.  Factors like client demand, origin of demand, means of demand, nature of work, purpose of work, methods of work, number of employees, location of employees, software-database compatibility, software support, and price of software should be considered when buying your software.  It should be able to support changes and development in your IT setup.  It would be a wise idea to consult an IT expert especially if you dont know a thing about computers.

Quality of Good Software

Not all call center software are of the same quality.  If you dont know what software qualities you are looking for, you might end up buying a completely useless one.  It is not easy to look for a good software if you would depend on the deceptive marketing and advertising schemes being adapted by companies today.  It is important that you therefore know what qualities to look for.  Here are the qualities that a good call center software must possess:

1.    User-friendly, simple software design and layout.
2.    Call-back options.
3.    Built-in and apparent real time data.
4.    Interactive voice response features.
5.    Flexible and easy call routing features.
6.    Pop-up features.
7.    Easy management capability.
8.    Call tracking features.

Call Center Software Prices

The prices of this software vary with their kinds, brands and uses.  Sellers would also consider other factors when quoting prices.  These factors include the size of your company and your operations.

The prices could range from as low as 300 to as high as 5,000 or possibly more.  The functions and features of software could create a big difference in the price.  One of these features is a call tracking feature.

The type of work of a call center could also influence the price.  There is a difference in prices between software used in outbound calls and those that are used for inbound calls.  The number of agents in a call center company may also influence the pricing quotations.  Companies with more agents should expect to pay a higher price for their software.  Sellers would also take into consideration the IT requirements as well as other IT factors in pricing their software.