Understanding Dedicated Web Hosting Tenets

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/26/2007 | Web Hosting
As time passes, the demands for the use of the internet increase dramatically.  Internet users around the world try to access the internet twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  They use the internet for several reasons.  These reasons range from online business to online gaming.  Sometimes, everything that you can think of can be transacted through the internet.  Thus, heavy traffic is expected when using the internet.

With this heavy traffic, one cannot simply post his or her new website just by publishing it in the World Wide Web (www) or by employing web hosting offered by internet service providers (ISPs).  Your website will only be rejected by internet users because the probability of being known in such tremendous traffic is very low.  The solution is very simple - employ dedicated web hosting services.

What are Dedicated Web Hosting Services?

Dedicated web hosting services are one kind of internet hosting that allows you to lease a certain internet server for the sole use of your own website.  This separates you from the heavy traffic that is always expected in the internet.  This provides you with the necessary tools to maintain and promulgate your website (like software, hardware, scripting languages, and others).

Dedicated web hosting costs too much.  The cheapest that one can avail of is 99.  Thus, dedicated web hosting is not for everyone.  It is only intended to large scale companies willing to pay higher prices in order to be successful online.  Although very expensive to bear, the expenses of dedicated web hosting is worth paying for.  You are 100% sure that you will be successful in the internet.  Besides this guarantee, the burden of maintaining a large scale website is eliminated.  Basically, a large scale website needs an expert technical staff to maintain.  In dedicated web hosting, dedicated web hosting companies does all the maintenance.

Choosing between Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting

Before we compare the two, we should define first what is a shared web hosting.  It is the complete opposite of dedicated web hosting.  It allows you to have your website with one server alongside with other websites sharing the same server.  Basically, a server can contain hundreds of websites.  But sometimes, a server can contain thousands of websites, increasing traffic amongst websites.  But unlike dedicated web hosting, it comes with a cheaper price.  This is very ideal for small scale businesses and websites.  Shared web hosting does not come with a technical support that will maintain your website.  It comes with a separate price.

In choosing between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting, you must consider first the scale of your website.  If it is large scale, then go for dedicated web hosting.  If it is small scale, go for a cheaper shared web hosting.  Another thing to consider is your budget.  If you have the budget to pay the high price of dedicated web hosting, then g for it.  But if not, then start first with a cheaper shared web hosting services.  Consider these things, and you will be successful online.