Easter traditions

By Charles Hopkins Published 03/13/2006 | Religion

There are many different kinds of Easter traditions that people celebrate.  A tradition is something that a family or group of people does every time that certain occasion happens together.  It does not matter what the tradition is that you and your family or friends do, as long as you are celebrating together.  You choose one certain thing that you think is special or you can choose to do a whole group of things for your Easter tradition.

Many families like to have a simple tradition like eating Easter dinner together.  This s a very important tradition and will mean a lot to all of the members of your family and friends.  You can plan for a certain day like the actual holiday or a day that is better for everyone to attend.  You can all be responsible for a certain dish or bring along one favorite item every time.  Make a list of everyone and all the dishes and see what you need from there.  This will be a special time for everyone to get together and catch up. 

A lot of families like to make Easter dinner as one of their family traditions.  This is a special time that you can spend with your loved ones and create a delicious meal for you all to share.  Think of the memories that you can make each year as you spend your Easter in the kitchen with your family.   You can share new recipes and help each other create a delicious Easter meal.

Another idea for an Easter tradition is to wake up and go to church with your family on Easter Sunday.  This is a great way to spend your Easter morning and making a new and wonderful tradition for you and your family to follow for years to come.  You can do this tradition with all members of your family whether they are young or old.  It is something that you will be able to treasure for years to come.

For the kids, you can do a traditional Easter egg hunt.  This is something that the children can look forward to every year.  You can get all the kids together for a great time.  The adults can have an annual tradition of coloring the eggs and hiding the eggs for the Easter egg hunt.  It does not matter if the kids are young or old, they will love this idea for an annual Easter tradition.

Getting a family picture take is another super idea for an Easter tradition.  This is something that you can include the entire family in on or you can do with just your immediate family.  You can have everyone get dressed up in his or her Sunday best and meet on a certain day to have a family portrait taken.  This is a great way to make every Easter be remembered for everyone.  You can hand out the photos to each family and also give them out in your Easter cards, which is another great example of an Easter tradition.