An Introduction to Fashion Designers

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/29/2007 | Fashion
These days fashion has fully integrated itself in almost any human activity.  Youd see evidences of how this has incorporated itself to culture.  Youd see billboards screaming FASHION!  It has influenced people in the way they think and most of the time how they live their lives.  This industry is primarily dominated by women.  This is the world where women reign.  This is an industry contributing millions of dollars to the countrys economy.

Fashion design is constantly changing, continuously evolving from one season to another.  Designs become obsolete the minute the season changes.  For people who are conscious of whats in would not be caught wearing something thats out of season.  Every season, fashion houses would busy themselves with the collections that they would present to the public.  Creating a collection is not easy for these fashion houses.  They need to be conscious about the direction of the seasons fashion, pay attention to their competitors, and anticipate consumer needs.

Fashion designs vary with each age group, social status, generation, location, and occupation, and the people who constantly keep up with these changes and influence these changes are the fashion designers.

Fashion Designers and Their Passion

Fashion designers are artists in their own right.  They use their imagination, creativity and flair in order to create clothing designs from the most practical to the most stylish.  They cater to everyone working women, stay-at-home moms, teenagers, children, celebrities, athletes, and models.

The creations of fashion design are works of art.  These designers love fashion.  Their works are the revelation of their passion for fashion.  Every thread carefully chosen, fabric conscientiously picked, every nip and tuck, all of these are part of the designers passion.  Most designers revel on the reward of creating something extraordinary, something that a woman would be proud of wearing.  This, by itself, is a reward.  There are few who are also blessed with the name and money that come along with pleasing the public.

Fashion Designers and Their Job

Fashion designers have their muses, too.  Just like writers, composers, and painters, fashion designers need inspirations to create their designs.  Their inspirations come from all sources, particularly various cultural influences.  They would have to integrate art textile, fabrics, and colors and combine these with their ideas to create various designs for clothing, shoes, watches, belts, handkerchiefs, bags, jewelry, and every other thing you could possibly imagine.
To do this, they should be adept at drawing, illustrating, and sewing.  They should know how to recognize good textile textures and what types would work well with their designs and what colors would complement these designs.

Usually, the work of fashion designers involved long working hours.  This is especially true when they would have to put up fashion shows to present their season collections.  These designs are sold either to exclusive customers or to the general market.

Nowadays, fashion designers are required to have the necessary educational background in order to start working in the fashion industry.  Fashion houses or even publishing houses would require diplomas from reputable colleges as a requirement for work.