Choosing the Best Fashion Design Schools

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/29/2007 | Fashion
Nowadays, fashion goes hand in hand with the movie industry.  Well, it goes hand and hand with almost every industry.  If you are a movie star, you wouldnt be caught dead wearing something that fashion critics wouldnt be proud of.  If you are a musician, you would not want the paparazzi to catch you wearing the lousiest clothes on.  Well, even if youre not a movie star, as long as you are in the public eye, you would always want to wear the best clothes that you can afford.

Indeed, fashion has fully integrated itself to society and culture.  There are TV shows that are formatted specifically to promote the world of fashion, and the names of fashion designers have become household names.

Getting a Fashion Design Education

It is estimated that the fashion industry will continue to expand and grow, and more and more people who are desirous of becoming great fashion designers would benefit from the industrys expansion and growth.  There is notable fashion awareness and people have become more conscious of the brand of clothes they wear.

However, it is not easy to get a feasible work in fashion if you dont have the necessary background.  You should expect that the competition is fierce.  Nowadays, it is important that you have the necessary educational qualifications in order to work in the fashion industry.  It is necessary to a fashion career.  You should not only know how to create designs, but you should also know how to choose the best textiles and colors to go along with these designs.  With your talent and your education, you could find yourself competing along with the likes of Donna Karen, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, and Giorgio Armani.

The Advantage of a Fashion Design Education

Most fashion schools provide the curriculum that would help you discover your own unique style and design.  You will learn to incorporate theoretical design concepts with technical applications, all the while developing your artistry and creativity.  You will learn the basics which include learning how to sew, to take measurements, and to create patterns.  You would also learn how to account, sale, market, and manage your inventories.

How to Choose Your School

It is not easy to get in the fashion industry.  You would have to stand out, and if this is your passion and you truly want to be a fashion designer, you would need all the help that you can get.  You have to learn the basics, and you learn it by studying these basics.  This is why you need to go to a fashion design school.  However, there are several factors that you would have to consider when choosing your school.  These factors include:

1.    The nature and focus of the school.  What kind of school is it?  Is it solely devoted to fashion education?  Does it give particular emphasis to fashion design?  Is the curriculum theyre offering exactly what you need?  Is it known in the fashion industry?
2.    Their alumni.  Have any of their students made it?
3.    Cost.  Can you afford the expenses?  The tuition fees?