Fashion Design and Todays World

By Charles Hopkins Published 10/29/2007 | Fashion
What is fashion design?

Well, obviously everyone has an idea what fashion is.  Who could avoid not knowing it?.  It is everywhere.  Your teenage son has about five baseball caps, and you wonder why he cant make do with one.  The answer basically is fashion.  Your daughter has about 20 bags and shes just 16, and you wonder why.  The answer again?  Fashion.

Indeed, fashion has fully integrated itself to todays culture.  Even you would want different types of belts or shoes.  Its what the society dictates.  Youd go around driving, look up and youd find numerous billboards, all exhibiting new fashion products.

Fashion has indeed taken the world by storm.  Because of this, fashion design has become even more celebrated.

Todays Fashion Design

History shows that the first ever fashion designer was Charles Frederick Worth.  He was the first person to ever have the insight to create a fashion house.  He had trainees and apprentices who were by him taught and were working in his fashion house.

Today, there are numerous fashion houses all devoted to fashion design and creating collections that are presented to the public every fashion season.  Fashion design is now divided into two general classes:

1.    Haute couture.  This type of fashion design is more exclusive.  Usually, the designs are more expensive.  The designs and output are custom-made and designed specifically for specific individuals who are willing to pay huge sums of money for these designs.  These fashion designers put up fashion shows, with at least 35 creations, twice a year.
2.    Ready-to-wear or RTW.  These fashion designs are made for the public.  They are designed primarily for retail outlets, sewn in regular sizes, and are mass produced.  Ready-to-wear collections of fashion designers may also be expensive.  The materials are of premium quality and the designs generally exclusive.  The other kind of RTWs are what you call confections.  These clothes are generally intended for the public, and these are what you find in your local shopping store.

Venturing into the World of Fashion Design

Fashion design has become one the largest industries in the country, contributing millions of dollars in the countrys revenue every year.  When you speak of fashion design, it is not just limited to clothes.  It includes every kind of accessories that you can think of bags, belts, shoes, caps, and others.  Fashion designers have even embraced the creation of perfumes and jewelries in their portfolios.

Fashion design in todays world entails the innovative creation of every kind of clothing and accessories style.  There is also the natural obsolescence that goes along with every design created.  Fashion designers are constantly pressured to create designs every season and to top what they have already created.

Having a career in fashion design is extremely satisfying for people whose passion is creating beautiful things that people can wear.  However, the journey is not easy for fashion designers.  This industry is extremely competitive.  You are not just competing against other people, but you are also competing against yourself.  There is a great demand to create something even more beautiful than the last creations.  However, if you got it made, you will be fully rewarded.