Trends in ERP technology

By Ron Victor Published 11/7/2007 | Science and Technology
Interest in the usage of information data and communication technologies in business education had long been focused on tools of technology mediated learning rather than on depending up the usage of core IT business tools. Although private and public organization come across huge costs in adopting wide-enterprise system, they have not yet made strong sufficient or clear sufficient demands on educational establishments for the concluding to routinely offer some level of ERP sap job competence and understanding among their graduates.

MIS students are generally exposed to ERP jobs and technology, but business studets in other functional areas are usually intrested pure SAP jobs. They typcially leam upon operational skills associated to their funtional area other than acquire cross fuctional business process organization understanding. Moreover they do not even offer an understanding of the large set of management issues involved in adopting and exploiting wide-enterprise system. ERP technology is actually a new concept in the business school curriculum. According to a survey taken by MIS professors displayed 37 percent of 94 responding to business school had brought enterprise system into their curricula for growth, although less than one-third of these educated a total enterprise system module or cross-functional business topics involving more than one particular module.     

The question of how and why actual business technologies must be integrated into any business set of courses and which competency must persons other than data information system specialists acquire in respect of business technologies, has not appear to have yet generated a connection among the extremely high learning costs, which organizations incur when adopting advanced information technologies, comprising ERP job systems, and the degree of IT-based business tool capability and understanding of their new employees requirements.
Yet there are many factors remains against the adoption of complex business technologies in university business schools for educating and self learning process. These comprise the multidisciplinary capacity of enterprise system ideas, which needs internal cross-disciplinary coordination in set of courses designed and course delivery; the concern that keyboarding and lab activities not displace gaining of running theory and principles. The cost and considerable work complexity of delivering lab based learning with SAP training and retain them with ERP experience.  

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