Camping for fun

By Ron Victor Published 11/15/2007 | Travel
Camping is always fun, we dont need those lazy sofa and that plasma TV. Its all about exploring the nature around us. Many of us in concrete jungles have forgotten about the importance of our environment. Lets imagine that beautiful grey night sky filled with brilliant sparkling stars and those shooting stars that pass the mountains in a fraction of second. Think of those lovely Marshmallows stuck on those long brown sticks, fizzing over the campfire and its always wonderful to smell the fresh air from the woods!

One needs to take certain things to have a comfortable camping, so you need to take your coffee/tea pots, clean water, dishes, napkins, butane lighters, lanterns with enough fuel, storage containers, battery powered radio, mattress or sleeping bags. Dont forget to take other important stuffs such as first aid kit, mobile phone (incase of emergency), video recorder or a camera.

For you camping activities you can include; sports, bird watching, hiking, even canoeing if you have a stream near by. Camping is unfinished without a campfire, think of that sweet sound of a crackling fire, the mild orange glow and the woody scent of smoke. Theres nothing like a campfire to make camping memorable and complete. Here are some tips, which will help you keep safe and cozy. Never have a campfire if the climate is windy. Take care that your fire circle is enclosed by a circle of large rocks. Always see that there are no extraneous twigs, leaves, paper goods or other flammables near the campfire. And never forget to look whats up, because there might be overhanging branches. Use the right wood for the campfire, never burn plastics or other hazardous substances that pollute the environment. Once the team is done with the campfire then put the fire off by pouring enough water.

Camping can be in the form of reunions and retreats. Camping can be double the fun if its a class reunion or friends get together. No matter how much fun we have, keeping the environment and the surrounding clean after the camp is very important. When your camping is over, remove all the wastes around the camp sites and tent. Dispose all plastic and glass bottles carefully or take them with you and drop them off in a dumpster. Its always better to avoid making any loud noises; this might disturb the animals in the woods. We need to respect their rights too! Have a happy camping!