You Know Your Business But We Know SEO

By Zaithyn Galter Published 11/15/2007 | Website Promotion

Many people think a website is a static billboard that springs up automatically, like Athena popping from the head of Zeus. They think it springs up spontaneously, like a magic trick. This is simply not the case.

So what exactly is involved in SEO writing then? Why pay someone to write content for your website when you can obviously do it yourself? There are a few reasons to consider:

1. It saves you time: You run your business. You are in charge of marketing, R&D, finance, production, HR, and you also probably are also the one who stocks the refrigerator in the break room. Is it easier to write content for your website or to provide information to someone to do it for you? This depends on how much time you have to devote to writing and how able a writer you are.

2. Keyword phrase research takes time: Even before the initial content is written, you have to know what keyword phrases your potential prospects will use to find you. This list of terms forms the backbone of the content because your content will center on how your company can meet the needs of those who search using those terms.The criteria for searching changes constantly. By providing some general information, an SEO content writer can research and develop a set list to work from. Again, this all depends on how valuable your time is.

3. SEO writing is not like regular writing: Two audiences will visit your website on a regular basis. Humans, who look for images and interactivity, and search engine bots, which like long blocks of text. Even if you write well and persuasively, unless you keep up on current SEO research, it can be difficult to write so both audiences will get what they are looking for. So even if you have time to write your own copy, how sure are you that the machines will appreciate your work? Without them, you wont be found on any search engines.

The goal is for you to work as a team with your SEO writer to achieve the shared goals of increased human conversion and increased visibility on the search engines. To be a good SEO writer, one needs to be flexible in terms of subject matter. It is not unusual for an SEO writer to write about testing equipment before lunch and to write about flat washers after lunch.

By the same token, a client should be able to express information to the SEO writer so that vision can come to fruition as well. Without that foundational information about your business or your products, an SEO writer can get lost.

Writers for search engine optimization can create the relevant content you need, but only if you provide them with the input they need.

Mark B. York is the CEO of Vertical Warfare, Inc, an Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Company located on Long Island, N.Y.