Things to Know About Life Settlements

By Ron Victor Published 11/16/2007 | Insurance
Time has come to take rest after all these years of hard work, responsibilities and commitments. Your children have grown up and now live with their own families and everything has been settled and so whats next? Its time to take up retirement! Just like many other senior Americans, you may take up life settlements, which is also called as senior settlements, where elderly people sell their life insurance policies to third-party companies. By doing this, you get a large amount of cash back and you eliminate your premium payments. Before you take your final decision, whether you plan to take up life settlement, one need to be sure if this is right for you. You need to talk about this in detail with a life insurance agent. Be sure to read all the fine prints and the most important part is that, you need to understand what exactly life settlements entails; because this shouldnt bother you later.

So what does this life settlements deal with? Whenever someone sells their life insurance policy to a company, the investment company gives you a percentage of the face value. If accepted, the policy will go out of your hands and the company will give or pay the premiums till your death and then collect the death benefits. Today the sales of life settlements are on the raise, policyholders might expect to get a fair price. The large amount of cash will help them with all their reinvestments, estate planning, retirement, financial needs and extended care.

There are certain things that you need to watch out for; the insurance company do warn the policyholders to be careful while taking up a life settlement. Here are some useful tips that you need to know before you sell your insurance policy. Make inquiries and do some research, before you sign anything and you need to be sure about the teams and conditions. Try understanding about the information provided before you do anything. Always clear all your doubts in case if you have any problems. Even after this if you fell unsatisfied, just say NO. Try going through a broker, but if this doesnt negotiate with a firm; try finding a suitable market for your insurance. Beware of all kinds of scams such as wet papering where the company force the person into buying a policy then selling it to them. Watch out for clean sheeting where a person joins with an investment company and modify health status on the records, so that they can buy an insurance policy and then sell it back to the company. Most important thing to make sure is that, the company to whom you sell your insurance policy has a license.

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