Learn How to Buy a Home at an Auction

By Ron Victor Published 11/24/2007 | Real Estate

A house or a property comes to an auction center when the owner of the house is unable to sell the property or the house, and the property has been taken back by the lender in foreclosure. The owner of the house can either be a builder or an individual; so he can sell the home either by a real estate investor or with a help of an auction company.

The most important task that you need to do when youre planning to buy an auction property, is that you need to investigate and do some research!  If the property is a single property that went into foreclosure, try to get some information about the house. Try to know about the houses size, what are the basic facilities does the house have, was there any previous owner and who owned it. The most important part you need to know is the opening bid. You may even cross check with local title company or with the countys recorder for list of houses which are currently in foreclosure.  Before you buy the property or the house, you must know the propertys value; therefore you have to compare the sale prices of two such similar properties in that particular locality.  In order to predict the propertys value, try comparing houses which are within 3 miles of the house which is been auctioned. Try to find what kinds of amenities does the house have; such as number of bathrooms, bedrooms, parking area, fireplaces, swimming pool, etc. This will help you to know about the value of the property.

Keep yourself financially ready, at property auctions you might need to deposit a minimum of at least 1000 to maximum of 5000. You may pay the remaining amount when you buy the house. You should always know to keep your price limit. People at auction are known to create excitement and agitations, so more the crowd, the more likely the price to increase! Keep yourself stuck to the price which you have targeted and dont get carried away. You have to be prepared to just walk away if you think the property or the price doesnt satisfy you. If you feel if there is a bidding war among the bidders then try to stay away, as your bid will only shoot up the tension. So once the bidders have dropped out you may slowly get in.

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