3 Free Sources to Get Dissertation Help From

By Dominic Corey Published 11/24/2007 | Education

Have you got to give in your dissertation in the next 20 days and you havent started it yet? You find yourself badly stuck and dont know what to do. You have absolutely no idea where to get the dissertation help from or how to even get started.

Stuck are you...uhh? Then following strategies will allow you, for FREE, to successfully undertake this task. There are three essential sources that provide dissertation help for free:

1.      Dissertation Advisor:

What slow and painful death can I give to my hopeless dissertation advisor? Crucifixion is too good for this useless wretchIs this your immediate thought that comes into your mind when your advisor doesnt reply your e-mails or doesnt get in contact with you or always rejects what you send.

For the last 5 years I've been hearing from quite a few students that dealing with the supervisor is a total nightmare. As a matter of fact my research shows that every 8 out of 10 students who have to submit their dissertations say that they are stuck because of their advisors.

Although in situations your advisor may prove to be chaotic but it is not the only reason of your dissertation stoppages.  Turn the cameras on yourself and ask these questions from yourself:

        Are you missing your deadlines?

        Are you calling off and postponing meetings numerous times?

        Are you insisting on quick answers when you don't provide them yourself?

        Do you always keep altering ideas, topic, or approach?

        Are you shying away from your advisor because of any of the above reasons?

If you answer is yes to any one of the above questions, then you may be a catalyst to the disorder of your relationship. Analyze what you can do to act more responsibly and consistently and more importantly to get the advisor help you.

  1. A Friend Who Has Written a Dissertation Before:

Another source of dissertation help can be your friend.  If you know someone who has already written a dissertation, you are likely to get tremendous help from them.  Your friend can not only help you with the research but can give you a guideline that you could follow to write your own dissertation.  You can also get a copy of your friends dissertation and use it as a reference.

  1. Local & Online Libraries:

Libraries, whether local or online, also serve as a source of dissertation help for you. You can easily find material related to the subject and theme of your dissertation.  Being able to go through literally hundreds of references will help you collect relevant matter for your dissertation. 

All universities preserve copies of dissertations, usually in their libraries, or in the individual department, or both. Dont forget to check the universities libraries to find a copy of your dissertation. You can also purchase it for nominal prices through universitys website or through phone.