Free Dating Sites Vs Paid Dating Sites

By Zaithyn Galter Published 11/26/2007 | Dating

Dating has now become a widely acceptable social activity in most of the countries around the world. Through dating, you can assess several partners and choose according to your own discretion. People have different tastes, some are interested to experiment with several partners; some are keener to have active sex partners, while others are seriously out on a quest for a life partner. Thus, dating serves several purposes for the subscribers of these sites.

In the past few years, dating over the net has become so popular that it has increased the number of Free Dating Sites abundantly. With the provision of free registration, these sites offer more than just a low-cost option for the netizens who are interested in availing various services such as meeting hot singles, groups or couples. An important feature of these free websites (for instance, Vagr dot com) is that they allow free registration for subscribers and different other activities as well. These dating websites are also perfect places for people who look for meaningful relationships that will eventually culminate into matrimonial bond.

With the increased availability and use of these websites, there is a big question mark about the credibility and safety of the free dating websites. But, free Dating Websites like Vagr dot com are absolute comfort zone for the people who are interested in dating. It is not possible for a person with less earning to look for a date through the paid dating sites. People of Asian countries, Latin American countries as well as African countries are not much affluent to avail the services of paid dating websites. In this case, free dating websites like Vagr dot com will benefit them more.

Paid dating websites bare the risk of exposure of personal information and sometimes, there are even chances of fraudulent activities through a customers credit card. People who know about the hazards of providing personal information feel safe to create accounts in the free dating websites.

The promise assured by paid dating websites to arrange quality partner is not always acceptable, because with their imposed restrictions the quantity become less and so, choosing from less number of dates remains unsatisfactory for many members. On the other hand, the free dating websites such as Vagr dot com provide a kaleidoscopic range of profiles from where the members can pick up one who suits him or her. It even broadens the scope for matching for all status and financial backgrounds. Anybody can be the member of free dating sites and that increases the diversity of choice.  

The members of paid dating websites often agree that the free dating websites are full of spammers, since they dont require credit cards for memberships. But there is another point that though the authority of the paid dating websites deals with the private and secured information of the members, there is no guarantee for their authenticity. Moreover, the spammers can make their ways by any means to the paid websites too.

Vagr dot com, just like other free dating websites, does not threat a member with the possibility of disclosing personal credit information, as they dont need the credit card for signing up. Thus, the free dating sites are the Eden for romantic people who want to get unfurled with their mates. So, by spending almost no buck, the members can take the pleasure of dating, sex or intimate relationships through these free dating websites. is providing Online Dating, Relationship and Personals Community Services. More information about Online Dating Services, please visit us