More Ways to Save Cash

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/27/2007 | Finance
Who couldn't use a little extra cash? Here are some excellent solutions:

1. You are moving to a place where you won't need wheels, but have another year left on your lease. Turning it in early would mean paying high penalty fees.
SOLUTION: Tap into a network of people who are willing to buy out your lease at, and online service that lists an average of 10,000 cars per month. Here's how it works: create an ad for your car on the site. It will cost you anywhere from 79 to 189, depending on how many features (such as displaying a photo gallery) you choose. When an interested buyer applies to take over your conducts a credit check and informs you via email if he or she is qualified. You can then communicate with interested candidates through the message center, which also shows you a potential buyer's approval status. Once you've found the right buyer, handles all the paperwork for a 149 fee.

2. You need a new computer, but you don't want to break the bank or sacrifice desired options just to save some money.
SOLUTION: It's possible to get the computer you want and still save money by taking advantage of online coupons. Several online merchants, including DELL, Compaq and HP generate coupon codes daily, some with same day expiration dates, others with longer timeframe. You can access such discounts at various "coupon" sites. has a wider selection of desktop and laptop coupons, ranging from 20% to 350 off Dell computers, 200 off special HP PC's, and up to 300 savings on Compaq computers on any given day.

The discount value of coupons across such sites fluctuates on a daily basis, but you are guaranteed a solid selection of computer and electronics discount codes when you visit the major players. Other coupon code sites to visit regularly are, and Note that coupon codes usually need to be entered manually at an online store's checkout, or you must enter the site through a particular discount link to earn savings. Don't forget to double-check your receipt before you click to submit to make sure your coupon code worked correctly!

3. You want to treat the family to a ball game or show, but you're on a tight budget.
SOLUTION: Search through several options by visiting just one website. uses search engine technology to comb through online merchants as well as classifieds like Craigslist and marketplaces like eBay and Simply type in a show name or venue, and Fatlens instantly returns a list of possibilities that you can sort by date, location and price. Plus you can see at a glance which sellers are offering tickets and what type of seats are some instances, you can click on seating charts for more details. After doing a little comparison shopping, you can fully enjoy the show or game, knowing you landed the best deal.