Tips On Making Your Visitors Stay Longer At Your Site

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/27/2007 | Internet
So, you bid on your keyword, tweaked your web site for SEO ranking, and advertised offline for your Internet business. Traffic starts to come and you've gotten your potential customers to look at your web site. But if they will just browse and immediately leave, then all that effort had gone to naught. It is important that they stay for some time to read your page. That way, you'll have a chance that they will respond favorably when you call on them to take action.

What are the ways that will make them want to stay and read on? Here are some tips that you could use:

1. Provide good content.

Most people surf to get information. Even if your web site is a sales page, your visitor will want to read on if he will learn something from it. In fact, it would be better if you could provide enough materials to whet his appetite so that he may want to learn more. That way, it will be easier for you to sell him your product.

Use words that evoke emotions, such as happy, excited, scared, and angry. Once your visitor becomes emotionally aroused, he will become more interested in what you want to say.

Your content should also be original. Original here does not mean your topic or idea is something innovative, but it means that you presented the idea in a new manner. Don't offer something that your readers can find on other sites. If you can't have original content, try offering something new and useful, such as software or a utility. That way, you are giving something more than what the other sites provide.

2. Don't put too much high tech stuff on your web site.

Imagine a web site with graphic ads, scrolling text and flashing words. Such a site distracts your reader and makes it hard on his eyes. It also takes some time to download, which will only make your visitor click on the Close button.

Don't use so many different formats all over your site. Use only one or two fonts, text sizes, colors, etc. That way, your visitors will not have to keep refocusing their eyes. Your web site will also look professional by having a consistent look throughout the page.

3. Don't cram all your words together on your web site.

On the other hand, a site that has only words, with no variations in size or color and no pictures, will turn out to be boring.

Reading online is already difficult. Ease this up by adding fast-downloading pictures, headings and sub-headings. Use bullets to list your ideas. Use short sentences and paragraphs. This will give the impression that your web site will be easy to read.

4. Be sure your visitors will find it easy to navigate around your web site.

A web page within your site should be, at most, two clicks away from another web page. Your navigation buttons should be clearly indicated, and links should be unbroken. It will be frustrating for your visitors to get lost in your web site or to get that 404 Page error. Provide a keyword search box or a site map so your readers can easily find what they are looking for on your site.

Organize your web site in a logical and profitable manner. You wouldn't want your visitors to get your freebie, in case you are giving one, before they see the sales pitch of the product you are selling.

5. Provide games or puzzles.

Most people like challenges. If you can provide interactive games, not only will your visitors linger at your web site, they will also want to come back. You can then change your page so your web site will always look new and fresh. Just be sure that your games and puzzles will be appropriate with the theme of your site.

There are millions of web sites on the Internet, all vying to get a share of the traffic. However, unless your visitors stay and read through your page, you might as well not get any traffic at all.