Link exchange programs: the barometer of online success

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/27/2007 | Internet
Link exchange not only increases visibility, it gives you competitive advantage. Find out how this can work for your website.

The density of links on your site is a crucial indicator of your site page ranking and popularity online. This is why most websites pay a great deal of money to subscribe to maximum number of link exchange programs available.

Search Engines

Most of the popular search engines are always in need of sites populated with high quality and associated links. They tend to track down sites that have such links almost instantly. It's because search engines have robots or spiders that crawl websites and index the ones with the best link exchange programs on them. Then automatically such sites get to enjoy better page ranking and placement online.

Page Rankings

Page rankings are an indicator of the popularity of your website online. The higher your page rank, the better the placement and hence more traffic influx. You can greatly enhance your website's page ranking online via good quality link exchange programs. There are plenty of such programs available these days that provide you with high quality links relevant to your site.

Sharing is profitable

Reciprocal linking offers a great way to improve the density of links to your site. There are many partners easily accessible these days that will provide you with associated and high quality links onto your site. The way it works is that you provide them with a set of links and they in turn provide you access to their link exchange programs. By exchanging links with each other, you get to improve the density of quality links on your site.

One-way inbound links

If you wish to attract more traffic inward and don't want to redirect to another site, it makes sense to have more one-way links on your site. Through one-way link exchange programs, you get to focus the primary attention on your own website, without allowing visitors to navigate to some other sites.

Paid might be better

Many people are misled into thinking that it is better to go for free link exchange programs as opposed to paid ones. However, when subscribing to the free programs, you might risk losing out on credibility and reputation online. It's because most of the free links do not possess the same degree of quality as the paid ones do. Besides you get access to more relevant links through paid ones. Therefore, it might be a better idea to subscribe to paid links on a smaller level rather than having a horde of free random links on your site.