Some Very Good Reasons To Put A Bird Bath In Your Backyard

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/28/2007 | Hobbies
A bird bath is one of the easiest ways to attract birds to your garden. Not only will you attract greater numbers of birds if you install a garden bird bath, you'll also attract a greater variety of species.

A bird feeder in your garden will attract species based on the kind of foods you provide, a bird bath will attract just about every species type.

You can buy commercial bird baths at most gardening and home improvement stores but they are not that difficult to make and can be made from a large variety of materials readily found in the average home. The only essential is that your bird bath is a receptacle that can contain clean water.

The best type of bird baths are shallow ones, maximum depth no greater than three inches. A lot of commercially available bird baths are too deep. If you already have a commercially bought bird bath and you find that it's too deep, you can make it shallower by putting in some stones.

If you really want to go the extra mile in attracting birds into your garden with your bird bath you should consider adding a fountain. The sound of falling or dripping water is a sure attractant for birds.

You should make sure that your bird bath has a non-slip bottom so that the birds that use it aren't in danger of losing their footing. Cement is an ideal surface for the bottom of a bird bath.

It's a good idea to place your bird bath on some kind of stand or hang it from a tree to make it difficult for predators to reach - if birds don't feel safe, they are unlikely to use the bird bath.

It's important that you change the water in the bird bath frequently, every few days or even every day in hot weather.

If you're an ardent bird watcher, it won't just be for the bird's comfort that you install a bird bath in your garden, you'll also be doing it for your own pleasure. With that end in mind, you should ensure that you place the bird bath somewhere that allows you to view it from a place of comfort through your window.

Putting a bird bath in your garden following the guidelines above will ensure that you get hours of enjoyment watching all the many and varied species of bird that will be attracted to your garden.