Visiting Chicago in The State of Illinois

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/28/2007 | Travel
While New York remains unparalleled with regards to being the country's
largest city, Chicago has quietly but surely earned its reputation as a
viable tourist spot on its own right. From its very small origins in
1835 as a mere bunch of dwelling places near the river, Chicago is now
one of the more famous and respected cities in America. It has
gradually earned its stature and has come a long way aside from being
Illinois' most famous city.

No other city knows redemption better than Chicago. A great fire in
1871 destroyed much of old Chicago and compelled its local dwellers to
rebuild from rubble. The great tragedy became a catalyst for the people
to find new means to make their living conditions more efficient. Now
Chicago is better known for superior sanitary conditions and effective
waste disposal with the aid of the flow of natural elements in its
terrain. A lot of people have migrated to Chicago for this very reason.
Excellent living conditions are maintained and there is not as much
danger on the streets that you would find in other tourist attractions.

Much of the structures in Chicago are strategically arranged and
carefully planned, in view of the old tragedy that burned up the entire
city. The people in Chicago are truly those who do not repeat old
mistakes and make every setback a valuable learning experience. Since
their rebirth and recovery from the inferno that left them literally
and figuratively with nothing in 1871, they have managed to maintain a
subdued sophistication that is truly rare and attractive.

Wining and dining, jazz and blues are just some of the things
Chicago is famous for. If you are up for laid back chill out sessions
on picturesque views and excellent dining facilities, Chicago is
definitely the place for you. This is one place where walking is far
better than riding because you will be entitled to view its fine
architectural edifices and little surprises you can find in its
corners. Home to the Sears Tower (which used to be the tallest building
in the world), Chicago stands firm and proud with its rich heritage and

Fun in Chicago is encased with subtlety and remains unmatched in
its balance of wholesomeness and seductive qualities. It stands out
with its architecture and desirable forms of entertainment, without
having to be brazen or flashy about it. Instead, it silently stands
magnificently and naturally magnetizes adventure seekers with its
charm. Some cities have to have lights and banners to make it known on
earth, but Chicago does not even seem to lift a finger as it holds and
maintains its position as a best place to relax, unwind and have a good