How to Get Over Disappointment

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/22/2006 | Self Improvement
We all have to face disappointment at one time or another. Its just a simple fact of life. Not everything is always going to go our way. How we handle this disappointment plays a huge factor in our lives and in what we achieve in the future. It also says a lot about who we are and who we want to be. Knowing what to do after losing, is the biggest part about finding your way to winning.

The first thing one has to do to overcome disappointment is to examine the situation. Why were you disappointed and what caused it to happen? Figure out if it was something you personally did wrong or if it was simply out of your control. This way you can learn from the experience and use it the next time the situation arises. Try not to make yourself feel guilty if the disappointment was your own fault. Look at it form an objective point of view.

Once youve figured out what went wrong, youre ready to move on. Thats the key moving on. You cant wallow in your pity and expect to get results. The disappointment may truly have thrown you a huge blow, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt try to move past it. Let go of the blame and guilt you may feel. Express your emotions cry, yell or whatever else you need to do but do it and then move on.

Next youll need to refocus your attention. Find a new goal or dream to pursue. You might even want to go after the same goal that disappointed you the first time. Thats great! Dont give up. There are many great people who have failed countless times in this world. Failure doesnt make you a loser. At least you had the courage to try and its that same courage that will eventually make you a winner. Find something new to get excited about and youll soon be on your way to success.

Disappointment isnt a fun thing to face. It drags us down and lowers our self confidence. Its easy to get caught in a rut after getting hit with disappointment, but its important not to do that. As they say, get back on that horse. Know that disappointment is a normal part of life. No single person is exempt from it and sometimes we will be disappointed due to nothing weve done wrong. Following the above tips will help you move on.