Benefits Of Using A Cell Phone

By Roberto Sedycias Published 11/29/2007 | Computer

One cannot deny the fact that cell phones (celular) happen to be one of the most sought after and popular gadgets all over the world. Be it a school going kid, or a matured office going man, who does not like to flaunt the most expensive phones?!

However, when it comes to the benefits of using cell phones, there is surely more to them than just the prestige value. It is not just a fashion accessory, which allows staying connected with the world no matter where you are they are surely more than that.

Initially when cell phones (celular) were just introduced in the market, they were known for the wireless technology and the sms facility it provided. These devices provided the benefits of storing your phonebook entries, and allowed the users to check date and time. These could be used as calculators too, and served as a convenient way of remembering appointments when you put up a reminder on them.

However now not only have these facilities become more advanced, with lots of new features having been added to it (such as sending picture sms, mms clips, saving a larger number of phonebook entries, with especial tunes and pictures assigned for each caller, etc), now it is also possible to use cell phones for a number of other purposes too, such as for checking your mails, for using the internet, or as a mini laptop, with almost all necessary features of the computer included in it.

However, these features are only limited to those cell phones (celular) that come with heavy price tags. For the more modest ones, one can choose from devices that allow taking pictures, videos, listening to music etc. These facilities have been especially enhanced with the Bluetooth and infrared technology, which allows the user to transfer and exchange data including not only music, but also pictures, videos and sounds in a span of just few seconds.

Besides the benefits of the latest technology to users, cell phones (celular) also tend to play a vital role in helping in dealing with crime. This is primarily because it makes it easy to trace people, thru the use of the Global Tracking System (GPS), when they need to be traced down. Also, the law determines the rules that must be followed by the phone companies while providing tracking services and making cell phones and sim cards great forensic evidences in times of need.

Cell phones have been found to be of great help also in emergency situations and in times of disasters and natural calamities. These days most cell phones allow users to make emergency calls, so that such situations can be easily dealt with. For instance there have been a number of cases where people struck with disasters such as landslides and earthquakes have found way for themselves with the use of their devices.

With the quick development in technology, cell phones (celular) are surely becoming more and more popular with each passing day. The latest models are able to attract new market and customers, and its fast technological development can be well understood from the fact that it was just about 20 years ago, when these devices were viewed as expensive luxuries, meant for large business houses, the police force and army, and now almost 50% of all children in America own cell phones. In fact even in developing countries the use of cell phones is growing immensely, with people using it for both personal and business purposes.

Cell phones (celular) surely will have many new features in the near future!

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