Affiliate Program Software: Uses and Advantages

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Affiliate Programs
You probably know how beneficial to business an affiliate program is.  Through an affiliate program, you will have help in promoting your website.  Promotion through the affiliate marketing program happens in several ways.  Your affiliates will of course post your ads in high-traffic web locations or in their websites so you get maximum exposure.  Moreover, the links pointing to your website will greatly improve your link popularity especially if your ads are located in popular, relevant and fully operational websites.  This means a higher ranking in search engine results and thus more traffic from organic searches.

For these reasons, it is vastly preferable if you are able to sign up a lot of affiliate marketers into your affiliate program.  More affiliates mean more exposure and more links.  Unfortunately, however, more affiliates also mean more logistics problems.

The Problem of Tracking Affiliates

If you have but a few affiliates, it may be easier to track affiliate sales.  Perhaps, you may need to send your customers an email asking them about how they found your website.  In your email, you can include a set of choices to help your customers recall the site that referred your site to them.  Then, you will just have to compile the results, compute the sales commissions of each affiliate marketer in your affiliate program and send the commission checks out as you and the affiliates have agreed upon.

If you have more than several affiliates, however, you will find it grossly difficult to manually track affiliate sales.  Imagine allocating sales to fifty or even hundreds of affiliates; it would take you days to get things right.

Affiliate Program Software

The affiliate program software is an all-around solution to your affiliate tracking and related needs.  The affiliate program software automates affiliate tracking.  This software automatically extracts information about the referring website and the corresponding affiliate marketers ID for you and records it down into your affiliate sales database.  The software will even compute the sales commissions for each affiliate according to the parameters that you have set.

The affiliate program software can give you so much more than sales tracking convenience.  First, it can provide an interactive sign-up utility that will let you automate affiliate sign-ups.  Then, it can also have an advertising helper that can make writing ads easy.  The complete affiliate program software, moreover, can also help you prevent fraud among affiliates, write promotional ads for recruiting affiliates to your program, and more.

The affiliate program software is indeed a wonderful tool for marketing and promoting your business online.  If you want a powerful internet marketing program, you should definitely get the affiliate program software.