Going Cheap or Not in Your Advertisements

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Advertising
The one thing that is crucial to a new business is its marketing and advertising.  The minute you start your business, people would tell you that you should think about advertising your business.  In fact, people would advise you to advertise even before your business actually exists!  Actually, this strategy is quite effective in encouraging peoples awareness and anticipation.

Advertising Your Business

You dont have to actually get the most expensive advertisements.  You can try advertising in a local newspaper.  If you can afford it and you want to reach more people, you could try advertising in a national newspaper.  It need not be full-page advertisements as long as your advertisements are designed to effectively reach your potential customers.  In the first place, you are advertising to get the word out.

The Advertisement that Works

It is important, however, that your advertisements are effective.  Sadly, most cheap advertisements rarely create an impact to warrant notice.  If you think that your small advertisement in a national newspaper is not creating the desired ripple among your target customers, why stick with the same advertisement or the same budget?  The truth is, sometimes you, yourself, are buying into what the media is selling you.  Do not believe that your paltry advertising efforts are enough.  Most of the time, companies would have to spend a lot of money to sell their products.

No, you dont have to follow suit especially if you dont have the budget for big advertisements.  However, it is crucial that you advertise in a way that you would get people to respond.  This is oftentimes not the case in small-scale advertisements, although there are instances when even small advertisements create the right amount of response from potential customers.  You could factor in luck in this case -- setting the right advertisement in the right place at exactly the right time.

Either way, when advertising, your goal is to create a Wow! from people.  You want them to want your product badly that they couldnt just ignore it.  Your advertisement plays a crucial role in creating this impact.

What Makes a Good Advertisement?

There are three factors that determine an effective advertisement the surprise, information, and act-now factors.  The surprise factor requires that the advertisement must elicit an emotional response from the audience.  The information factor requires that the advertisement must include information that would arouse peoples curiosity.  The key is to giving just enough information.  Finally, the act-now factor requires that the advertisement must prompt people to immediately respond to what theyre seeing or hearing.