Finding and Attracting Potential Advertisers

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Advertising
Basically, one of the ways to earn money online is to run advertisements on your website.  Now, in selling advertisements, you can either sign up with a website or program that would get the advertisers for you or you can look for advertisers on your own.

Getting Your Advertisers

Of course, if you opt to get the service of this website or programs, you would have to do less work.  This gives more time to focus on providing better service for your advertisers.  The drawback on this, however, is that you dont have control over choosing your advertisers.  You would also be losing huge amount of money from the big cut they would get from your profit.  You end up with a measly amount instead.

It would be ideal for you to do away with these programs or middlemen.  Try to find your advertisers yourself.  It may mean considerable work, but your effort would pay off with more profits.

Ways to Find Advertisers

There are a lot of ways to look for advertisers.  You could try directly contacting potential advisers in your area.  This is one of the many things that you can do if youre doing off-line advertisements.  In fact, you can directly offer to do banners and ads for these potential advertisers.  If you are doing online advertising, you can initially look for potential advertisers in forums.  Contribute and create an impact on these forums and then work your way into looking for potential advertisers.

Tips on Getting More Advertisers

Here are some tips that you should take note of if you would like to get potential advertisers to notice you:
a.    Make your service affordable.  The key is making your service available to all kinds of buyers and advertisers.  Do not limit your service to people who either have tight budget or big bucks.
b.    Gradually increase your price if you have to.  Be consistent in your pricing.  If you have to increase your prices, make sure that you do it in gradual progression.  Take note that you increase your prices only when it has gained considerable popularity.
c.    Hold promotions and give freebies.  Everyone loves freebies.  If you have specials and promotions on weekly or monthly basis, you could encourage more advertisers to use your website and your service.
d.    Advertise your service.  While youre at it, why not try to advertise your own website -- create a blog, write articles, send newsletters, or join forums.  Make your presence known.