Expensive or Homemade Beauty Products

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Beauty
We can never deny the fact that we all want to be beautiful, and we all always want to look our best.  Because of these, there are many beauty products that have bene made by many companies - all promising that it is better than the next product.  With all the many choices we have regarding beauty products, sometimes, it is a headache to choose just a simple lipstick because they all promise the same thing, unless, of course, you already have been using a brand and are comfortable with it.

You do not have to worry about brands alone as you also have to worry about the price.  The manufacturers of these beauty supplies are all competing against each other, not only in quality but in price also.

Alternatives to Expensive Beauty Care Products

There are so many exfoliating creams out there that the only difference is either the cost of the product or the brand.  Remember, expensive beauty care supplies do not mean that they will work well for you.  What if you become allergic to an expensive product?  You just wasted precious money.

The best alternative for those expensive ones is a homemade beauty care product.  Not only are they great and work as well, but you, yourself, know what was in your exfoliating cream.  You do not have to close your eyes and hope that that alien-sounding vitamin or whatever alphaydroxy-something mineral that was in your expensive product will work for you.  With a homemade exfoliating cream made from extra virgin olive oil and sugar, you know what is in there, and, trust me, it will be unusual for you to get an allergy from that.

Have Fun Mixing and Concocting

It is also a great way to mix beauty with pleasure.  Concocting your homemade beauty products can be a great way to bring you and your sister or you and your teenage daughter much closer.  It will be a real treat as you mix up all those wonderfully-scented herbs, spices as well as honey and fruits.  When you are making your homemade product, take the time to bond more closely with your female friends, sisters or daughters.

For homemade beauty products, you can log in to the internet and search for such recipes in the search engines.  You will be given a list of homemade products, from homemade beauty products for your hair to your skin.  In no time at all, you will enjoy a softer and younger-looking skin and a healthier shine to your hair at less the price and less the risk for allergies.