Auto Body Painting Tips

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Auto and Trucks
The auto body is your cars face to the world.  However powerful your automobiles engine is, however great your cars suspension and however optimal your cars aerodynamic design is, these things will not matter much if your cars body does not complement all the adjustments that youve had done to your car.  You should definitely give your auto body adequate attention when modifying or customizing your car.

Professional Auto Body Painting

Improving your cars body can be done through various methods.  You can change various auto body parts change or add lights, change or modify the windshield or its angle, add wings, etc.  However, theres nothing like a customized auto body paint job for giving a car a new look and style.

You can do your auto body painting yourself.  However, in most cases, you should leave your cars paint job to a professional auto body painter.  Otherwise, you might end up regretting the result of your own work.  Getting a professional auto body paint job is the best way for improving your cars appearance or for repairing paint scratches and auto body scrapes.

Auto Body Painting Basics

In auto body painting, preparation is crucial.  The surface to be painted should be thoroughly prepared for the paint job.  Moreover, the paint to be used and the tools for painting should be prepared before hand.  There should also be a lot of paint available so that there will be no mismatched colors to deal with later on.

First, the auto body should be cleaned thoroughly so that all dust, particles and other contaminants will be removed from the surface of the auto body.  This can be done by various methods.  Generally, it is accomplished through a thorough wash using a detergent and water.  Then, the car shall be wiped dry and then wiped clean.  Use of wax-based surface cleaners is also recommended.

The painter should also be very careful about re-contaminating the cleaned surface.  The painter should make sure that the area where the paint job is being done is clean or dust-free and that he himself is not carrying contaminants.

The paint spray gun that will be used for the actual paint job should also be kept in pristine condition.  It should be totally clean with no drying paint or paint residues in the cups, handles and all parts.  This way, the paint to be used will not mix with old paint and the auto body ruined.