Auto Paint: DIY versus Professional

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Auto and Trucks
Getting an auto paint job is perhaps the most cost effective way of making your car look new.  It is especially effective for restoring your car to its former pristine condition after some kids in your neighborhood ran a nickel on it or after you have driven it off the road and into a ditch.  In such cases, you will need to get the scratches to your auto paint repaired.

The question, however, is:  should you do the job yourself or should you get your car painted professionally?

DIY Auto Paint Job

A do-it-yourself auto paint job has definite advantages, the chief one being your savings.  Professional auto painting can cost a lot of money since you will have to pay for the services of a professional painter.  If you do the work yourself, however, youll only have to pay for the paint that you will use.  The savings can be especially large if you already have the tools handy or if you can borrow it from somebody; this means you wont even have to spend money on the tools that youll need to do the paint job.

Other advantages include being in absolute control over the design and execution phases.  This is especially relevant if you are giving your car a new look.  Moreover, when you paint your car yourself, there will be a much greater sense of accomplishment and pleasure afterwards.  After all, you are personally responsible for restoring your car or for making it more stylish or fashionable.

Unfortunately, theres also one definite drawback to a DIY auto paint job.  If you are not sufficiently skilled or careful, you might end up ruining instead of improving your car.  Your botched attempt to paint your car may end up costing you more money in the long run.

Moreover, a DIY paint job can be pretty slow.  This means wasted time which could have been spent somewhere else and much more productively, too.  This also means weeks (or even months) during which youll have to rely on public transport or on your spouses or friends mercy.

Professional Auto Paint Job

Professional painters are definitely skilled and experienced.  This means that they are unlikely to botch the job and will be much more efficient than you are at painting your car.  However, you will have much more out-of-pocket expenses for a professional paint job especially if your auto insurance policy wont cover it.  Moreover, even professionals do a poor job from time to time.  Of course, you can ensure quality work by choosing your auto paint shop very carefully.