Enhance Your Childs Brain with Art Books

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Arts and Culture
We all know that toddlers and even young kids can wreak havoc in our homes.  The way they scatter their toys and leave a huge mess behind is enough to give moms a headache.  When they get a hold of papers and pens and colors and inks, then trouble is really going to brew as it seems that no child can resist not writing on walls, on tables, on everything when they see something like this.

Why Do They Do This?

The first thing that children see, especially a toddler, when these art supplies are in a room is its colors.  We all know that children are attracted to colorful things.  Even as babies, they can track colorful objects when held in front of their eyes.  What more when they see these art supplies?  Of course, they will love using it even if all they can do are doodles that do not mean a thing to us adults.  They are having fun when they create colors and are definitely not thinking of aesthetics.

As parents, we should never stop our children from being creative.  We can tell them not to write on floors, walls, doors, etc, but we should never hinder their creative inclinations.  The more they create things out of colors, the more the brain is stimulated, and the more it is stimulated, the more it grows.  Also, the more colors they see and ask about them, the more they learn.  Who knows?  One of your little tykes will be the next Van Gogh in the future, so let them be or at least give them papers, lots of them.  It would also be wise to given them art books so that their brains will be stimulated more as it contains pages and pages of colorful paintings and pictures that they will surely love looking at.  They will also love copying them and enjoy showing you their own versions of the pictures and drawings inside the art books.

Purpose of Art Books

If you are thinking of purchasing some art supplies for your kids, then make sure that you include some art books in your list as well.  Art books are a great way to stimulate your childs brain.  With all the colorful pictures, they will get to appreciate colors more and its relevance to their surroundings.

Art books are also a great educational tool.  They can learn the appropriate color of an object that once they see that object again they will automatically know the color.  A coloring book is one example of an art book where you can let your childs imagination with color run free.  This is also a great way for them to express themselves.