A Perspective of Art History

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Arts and Culture
Whether of not you are a person who is very much into the study of arts, you should consider studying even a short course of art history.  This has not so much to do with the formation of art in itself; rather, it also has much to do with the cultural contexts, the applications, the historical implications, and the events that underlie art history.  Art history is so wide in scope that, in the end, you will find that you have learned much, not only about art history but about history in a general viewpoint.  In a manner of speaking, art history is another perspective of history.

What is the study of art history?

Art history is the study of art as it has developed from early civilizations and even the early ones that come before it.  In short, art has been ever prevalent in mans history that discounting it in the study of history is simply not possible.  The study of art history has much to do with the differences in cultural and geographic settings.  This means that art history is ubiquitous what the history of art in the Western region is is definitely not the history of art in the Eastern region.  Art history also places much importance in the dynamism of art.  The truth is that, until now, art is ever changing, and its end is as nowhere near traceable as its roots, so that we engage in a study that is boundless.  Finally, an important factor in the study of art history is the conspicuous artifact, icon, or piece of art.  Because there are varied ways of expressing art, the different forms must definitely be taken into consideration.

How does one gain an understanding of art history?

The scholarship of art history is something that is very hard to attain.  For this purpose, it is very important to have an area of specialization in a certain field.  This is very much consistent with the belief that the more you try to understand the general picture, the more blurry and impossible that picture is to paint.  The same goes for art history.  A perspective of a single field counts the most if you truly want to understand the nature of art history.  That doesnt mean though that you are to ignore the whole picture.  It would very much help if you have an idea, if not the full blast knowledge, of other areas as well.