Beauty of an Art Work

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Arts and Culture
Everyday, we see art, and it is everywhere.  It has been with us long before men learned how to cultivate the land he lives in and even before he learned to farm.  Art work has been seen in many cave dwellings with pictures of men hunting buffaloes.  Such art work has been done by our primitive parents.  It was their way of recording history and telling us, in a way, of what their lives were back then.

Art work is history that does not end and will probably never have an ending as long as man still uses his brain to create.

What is an Art Work?

An art work can be anything that was made from anything that evokes an emotion from the person who is viewing the art work.  It can be a painting or a figurine made from clay or plaster.  It can be anything as long as it portrays the feelings of the artist and what he wants the viewer to understand about his work.

Purposes of Art Work

There are so many purposes of an art work:
1.    It serves as a record of history.  As stated above, however simple those cave drawings were, they are still telling us what life was like back then.
2.    It serves as an outlet for our emotions.  There are many paintings that are so vividly colored you are literally looking at how an artist feels.  This is a beautiful purpose of creating an art work.  By creating an art work, you are expressing who you are as a person and what your thoughts are, and self expression is a healthy way of releasing emotions.
3.    Art work shows us the world.  Since photography is considered an art work, it can greatly tell us about the world we live in - the sufferings we see daily and the sufferings we close our eyes to.  In fact, photography as an art work is a very powerful tool in evoking our emotions.  It gives us facts - the bare truth about our lives.  But despite this, this kind of art work also evokes good feelings like solidarity and happiness.  It all depends on the theme the photographer used.
4.    Mostly, we see art works in our homes, offices and museums.  Such art works done by famous artists are kept safe for historys sake, but for every day art works, they serve as decorations in our homes and offices - a way of beautifying our surroundings.