The Canvas Art Work

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Arts and Culture
Just because there is the word canvas does not mean that it is painting.  Painting and canvas do seem to go hand in hand always, but there are other kinds of canvas art as well, and it pays to know some of them.

Kinds of Canvas Art

The most obvious kind of canvas art is paintings.  Here, oils and paints are applied over a blank canvas to create a picture or portray something that the artist wants to convey.  It can be a still-life canvas art painting or a painting of people and animals and even events.

There is also a canvas art work called cross stitching.  Cross stitching uses a fabric called a canvas as well as different colored threads that are stitched in an X pattern to produce a picture.

Canvas art posters are also one kind of canvas art where a picture is printed over the canvas through the use of modern printing machines.  This type of canvas art is typically used in business promotions as well as publicity purposes.

Purposes of Canvas Art

There are a lot of uses for canvas art.
1.    They can serve as a decoration inside the homes and offices.  Canvas paintings, especially when placed in attractive frames, are a good ornament to brighten up a room.  They can be placed strategically inside a room where its beauty will be showcased once sunlight shines into the room, or it can be set in a corner of the room and artificially lighted by painting-friendly lighting.
2.    The finished cross stitch can also be placed inside a frame and displayed for all to see.  Only a very dedicated person with a lot of patience and determination and time can finish an extravagantly-designed cross stitch canvas art.  This will not only command admiration from visitors but it will also command a high price if you wanted to sell the finished product.  Cross stitching can be a lucrative business.
3.    Canvas art is a great way to give as a gift.  You can have your friends favorite painting painted on a canvas and then placed inside a beautiful frame, then you can give the canvas art on her special day like her birthday or Christmas.
4.    For business purposes, canvas art posters have many uses.  First, it attracts the attention of your target market especially if done professionally.  Secondly, it gets your business name out there.  If your canvas art poster has your company logo printed on it, the more reason for people to remember you.