Different Kinds of Fine Arts

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Arts and Culture
Fine arts do not encapsulate paintings and sculptures alone as these are just the visual aspect of fine arts, but it also includes performing kinds of arts like dances, theatre, opera, etc.  By fine arts, it means not the quality but the art disciplines pureness.  It also means that the creator of the fine arts has reached a level where his skill is beyond reproach, where it is too perfect to be criticized or corrected.

Both the visual aspect and the performing aspect of the fine arts require a student to enroll in an art school or institute where he or she will obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Later, he can continue his studies in his specialty and earn a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Different Kinds of Fine Arts

There are many types of fine art.  Architecture is one of them, which is the study of creating building designs that not only focuses on the physical structure but on the aesthetic appearance of the building as well.

Dance is also a kind of fine arts that deals with the bodys rhythmic movements.  These rhythmic movements can portray a lot of things like the social, moral and cultural aspect of our society.  Thus, dancing is a form of expression.

A form of fine arts that creates a two-dimensional form is called drawing.  Drawing uses a lot of medium like pencils and pens.  Colored pencils as well as crayons can also be used.  Drawing also makes use of charcoal and chalks.

Film and cinematography is considered as fine arts as well.  It depicts human life and is considered a powerful fine arts medium that can greatly influence a society, especially their way of thinking.

Photography is another form of fine arts that deals with taking pictures that portrays a photographers vision.  There is colored photography as well as black and white photography.

Sculpting is another kind of fine arts that creates a three-dimensional form.  There are many mediums that can be used in sculpting such as clay, metals, stones, and woods.

Other Forms of Fine Arts

Fine arts are not limited to those that are mentioned above only.  They also encompass other forms of arts such as comics as well as avant-garde music and Western art music.  Fine arts also include the theatre as well as textiles (quilt art).

In our modern technology, fine arts now also use electronic mediums like digital cameras.