The Frame and Art in Framed Art

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Arts and Culture
Framed art has two essential components - the frame and the art.  If one or the other is missing, then it cannot be considered framed art at all.  It follows, then, that most people would need to have both components at its most perfect form in order to consider the whole as beautiful.  If the frame is of lesser quality, then the entire framed art is a shambles.  Similarly, if the art is not pleasing, then the framed art is a disaster.  But this is not always the case.  In fact, it might be important for one of the components to be ordinary or inexpensive in order for the framed art to produce that brilliant effect.

The Frame in Framed Art

One of the components of the framed art is the frame.  Simply put, the frame ensconces the art.  Usually, a frame is a rectangular piece of material where the artwork is usually placed.  The frame, then, is the one that provides not only the border but also the protection for the art.  For that, the frame must have two most integral qualities.  One, it has to give the artwork that complementary effect.  A mistake you might make is to purchase a very beautiful frame to go with an art that does not complement the frame at all.  Imagine a framed art wherein the frame is of a very bright and enigmatic color and the artwork is very dull.  Which of the two will you most likely be drawn to?  If one component stands out over the other, then you have failed in producing a successful framed art.  Another quality is durability.  Make sure that the frame is of a durable material.  Make sure that the frame does not have destructive properties.  Some frames are made of a material that will only help the artwork dilapidate at a faster, if not immediate, rate.

The Art in Framed Art

If your frame is very durable and beautiful, does that mean that the artwork must be magnificent?  Not necessarily.  In fact, the concept of framed art is to exalt the artwork by giving it the credit it deserves.  Framed art can be as inexpensive as your childs first drawing.  It can also be expensive the artwork of a known painter whose work deserves to be exalted above other artworks.  Thus, the artwork need not be of a very expensive value.  Whats most vital is that the art goes well with the frame in order to produce that pleasingly effective framed art.