Enlivening Your Wall with Wall Art

By Charles Hopkins Published 11/30/2007 | Arts and Culture
The best way to enliven a dull room is to provide wall art.  Yes, you can put up some tables, chairs or fill the room up with various pieces of furniture; however, this will only fill up the space but not really add that spice which you want to have in your room.  With wall art, however, you give your room an identity all the other things it contain will just be add-ons to the room.  Many people agree to this, and though you may not be aware of it, you are also an aficionado of wall art.

What is wall art?

Wall art is simply the application of artistry on wall.  Graffiti on the walls of a nearby empty basement is wall art.  Your childs accidental doodling with crayons on the wall is wall art.  As such, wall art can either produce that pleasing or displeasing effect.  The more known application of wall art is in interior designing.  Though not aware of it, you have already employed the concept of wall art in your home as you chose the perfect color and the perfect wall decorations for a room or two in your house.  The problem with your concept of wall art, however, lies in the dilemma of whether or not you have employed the right ways to produce that pleasing effect.  If not, the effect your rooms wall art have produced to your room may be immense to the point of disastrous.

How do I deal with wall art?

So your question is this, how do I make my wall produce that pleasing effect through the help of wall art?  The answer to this is simple.  You just have to enjoy your wall art.  Make sure that the wall art you will be using on your wall is pleasing to you, first of all.  There is no point placing a classic painting you dont even like on your wall and trying to convince yourself that it is pleasing.  Of course, you also have to have a second opinion the best person to approach is the one who would be in that room as much as you.  If you and that person both dont like the wall art, then chances are, you would like to get away from that room as often as possible.  Wall art concerns a lot of aspects from the important things such as the color of the wall down to the little details such as that picture frame which you will place on that wall.