Shopping at Morocco

By Ron Victor Published 12/19/2007 | Travel
There are numerous places to visit in Morocco, including great shopping places where you can get amazing discounts and bargains. The Souqs of Morocco are well-known for their arts and crafts, especially for leather goods. You can buy yourself a pair of authentic leather sandals or slippers that you will probably never get to wear, but these slippers will make a great talking point! But at these Souqs, you need to bargain hard to get your goods at reasonable prices. Actually you should be looking to get some reduction in the price, by asking a discount at least between 30 to 50%.
You will be able to find out, when you are not being realistic with your bargain as the vendor will generally withdraw from your deals. You need to keep in mind that the goods are only worthy, for what you are prepared to shell out and you shouldnt be bargain for something that you really don't want.

At most of these shops you can get slippers and shoes made from local leather, a range of handicrafts and iron lamps works which are the most noteworthy. You can also find some beautiful lamps made from stretched textile and leather, which is painted beautifully with different kinds of patterns and designs. If you want to purchase the best goods at the best price, then you need to have good bargaining skills!

Morocco is also known for its attractive carpets which are hand woven very beautifully and they are famous across the globe! So if youre planning to buy a carpet, make sure you buy one according to its size, as you need to carry it back home! You can also get lovely terracotta in Souq areas and at the main markets. These potteries come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. You will be able to find them all across the Morocco. Again the problem with these potteries is that, it will be difficult to carry them back to your country. So make sure you pack it neatly and carefully, they make a lovely souvenir. If you have love for silver jewellery, then at Morocco you can find decorative and amazingly crafted bangles, bracelets, necklaces and rings. These silver jewelleries make nice gifts when you bring them back to your home.  Basically they are cheap to buy, but it depends upon how you bargain. Dont forget to carry a camera to take memorable photos of your shopping experience!