What is Mortgage Broker Bonds?

By Ron Victor Published 12/21/2007 | Finance
In general term, a bond is similar to IOU. An investor obtains a bond from any financial institution for a fixed amount of money. It is then that financial institution promises to return the money back years from that day with a small percentage of interest added to the actual amount.   

Lets sort this with an example, when a person purchases a house, he or she usually require to go for a loan that is to borrow money from a bank or a mortgage lending company. To borrow this amount, people need to sign up a promissory note stating he or she would pay back the loan amount by particular given time, plus a percentage of interest that is accrued each month. Normally, a mortgage fee spans fifteen to thirty years and is paid back in way of EMI Monthly installations.

To issues these mortgage loans, the mortgage lending institute might require to "borrow" a huge sum of money from a higher financial institution. The mortgage lender provides a number of mortgage contracts in one lump-sum package to a fiscal institution that issues a mortgage broker bond in return. With a mortgage broker bond, the higher financial company "buys" the mortgage contract from the mortgage lender and gets the borrower's monthly fee in exchange. The mortgage broker bond process assists the mortgage lender get the money it requires, while the larger financial company earns excess money by getting the monthly payment from the borrower.

On the whole, a mortgage broker bond is a win-win place for both financial institutions. The current augment in the cost of homes, on the other hand, has caused some complexity with the mortgage broker bond arrangement. Because homes were rising in cost, mortgage lenders issued mortgage to people who were not the perfect candidates. As such homeowners defaulting on more loans and the cost of housing levels out, the mortgage broker bond might be value more than the worth of the house.

If the borrower defaults in his/her on the mortgage loan, the loss is passed on to the financial company, which issued the mortgage bond. To recover the money lost from the mortgage broker bond, the financial company that issued the mortgage broker bond could resell the house. This could yet result in a loss of money if the mortgage broker bond is value less than the home.

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