Do you find your career a kind of kitchen?

By William Delaney Published 12/21/2007 | Careers

The first question that set on fire my interest in the topic I'm intended to analyse below was related to making breakfast. I've tryed, and you know, I do, I really can mix some fruits and vegetables, pour a half pack of milk passing a glass, spread a slice of bread with butter and then drop it butter down... ah, dribs and drabs. Anyway, I can survive.

Ok, if it is so easy then what was the question raised for? The point is that kitchen may refer to your career! If it comes to your career, you'd better know how to cook it or at least know somebody who are familiar with this kind of kitchen.

When I checked some statistics on the Web concerning my question I was really amazed by the numbers and facts. We live on the!

Millions of indexed by Google search engine and near the same quantity of non-indexed online resume writing services available for your consideration providing maintenance and help in career building.

For God's sake, who needs their help?! - I crancked to myself first but then looked around and realized my mistake.

The World economy is growing so tremendously fast that a few market specialists would dare tracking new niches that emerge these days with a jet speed around our planet. Our world is a constant change and being a good specialist in a certain sphere is not enough to be successful. When your needs grow - you have to prepare yourself to changes. Be a change, adapt to changes or fail - this is the paradigm of today's economy.

Demands differ from company to company, from project to project but we are able to fit them and learn fast. The focal point in your success story is an application process and self presenting.

How many currencies, trends and receipts in the World kitchen? Never know because it varies form country to country, from family to family. Nevertheless, will you eat fried dog staffed with exotic fruits for your breakfast or a single carrot? Neither I think.

You can pose the same question when you think about your resume launching a źnew job project╗. This is a huge amount of work that needs delicate and wise approach as far as you will face real competition.

Writing resume, CV and Cover Letter are the first three dishes you must impress and satisfy your employer with. Experienced career chef must know that the most delicious resume or CV or Cover Letter contains the next ingredients:

Garnish - knowledge of what exactly HR Managers want from you;

Proteins - 100% result-oriented content;

Salad - high impact colourful and refreshing communication through all known to mankind channels with Word, electronic, scannable and web formats;

Seasonings - a list of the most effective contacts with employers;

Dessert - guaranties and confidence in the results.

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Now, having a brand new profitable job I want to say thanks to my personal resume writer from this planet.

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Let it be light of knowledge upon our careers.