A Silk Filled Duvet A Simple Solution To A Perfect Nights Sleep

By Zaithyn Galter Published 12/26/2007 | Home Improvement
Finally the secret of a blissful nights sleep is here. If you are one of the millions of people who wake up in the middle of the night being too hot, too cold or just plain uncomfortable - help is at hand! A silk filled duvet can change the way you sleep forever.

You may think this is a bold statement, but read on. Silk filled duvets are not anything new in fact they have been around for thousands of years. The Chinese have long known the amazing properties and benefits of sleeping under silk. Silk bedding used to be the sole privilege of the Emperor but fortunately today we can all enjoy what was once reserved for royalty.
Silk is a natural fibre and as such has many benefits over more the conventional duvets. Unlike down and polyester duvets, a silk duvet breathes. Conventional duvets work by reflecting our body heat back to us, thus creating a physical barrier between ourselves and the outside room. The result is a bit like a pressure cooker heat builds up until we become uncomfortable and the covers are thrown off. Silk duvets are completely different in that they allow some of our body heat to dissipate. Because of this we are kept at a more even temperature throughout the night, and as a result have a better sleep.

Not only are silk duvets revolutionising the way we sleep, they are also good for us. Silk duvets that have been manufactured by hand using 100% pure mulberry silk, and layered in an intricate grid pattern have some amazing properties. Because mulberry silk is a natural fibre dust mites find it an inhospitable environment to live in. This is of great benefit to asthma sufferers and is altogether a healthier environment for sleep. Silk duvets will last for years and if cared for correctly will outlast any conventional duvet. Properly cared for silk will not get brittle like down over time, nor will it clump like polyester creating cold sports.

When purchasing a silk duvet beware of imitations. Long fibre silk duvets are preferable to short fibre. Long fibre silk duvets are essentially layers and layers of silk that have been built up in an intricate grid pattern. These layers are then stitched between a cotton outer to create a duvet. The more layers of silk, the warmer the duvet will be. Some manufacturers sell chopped or short fibre silk. These duvets consist of thousands of silk off cuts that have been stuffed into a duvet. Because the silk has not been layered the heat regulation capacity of the duvet is dramatically reduced.

Hugh Watson has been assisting the import of silk goods from the East and introducing them to Western markets. Examples of true long fibre duvets can be found at http://www.silksleep.com