A Blinding Good Idea!

By Nelson Stewart Published 12/28/2007 | Home Improvement

Have you checked out blinds lately? They are so easy to install, they will soon be replacing curtaining fabric as the windows covering of choice.

Blinds are quite an inexpensive way to give your home a new look, especially if you have it up for sale. If you want it to look customized so that it has more curb appeal, then installing blinds is one way to have all your windows looking uniform. From the outside, it will give your home a 'neat' effect to have all windows looking the same.

From the inside, blinds can often make a room look less cluttered than conventional drapes. Many people actually like the homey look of drapes, but use blinds as well, to close out the world at night.

Blinds these days have come along way from the white sterile things that we associate with the dentist's office! Nowadays you can even buy a  'silk look' custom made vertical blind that hangs in folds just like a drape!

There are also wooden blinds, which add  warmth to a room that was missing when we could only choose the old white blinds. Many woods are available, so that the shade of wood color can be matched to each different room. The price range starts reasonably with faux woods and escalates to the premium wood prices.

Of course, if you really want to get into the matching thing, blinds are available in most of the popular colors.   Burgundy, brown, green and blue or khaki, pink and purple, whichever color you want,  is probably already waiting for you.

Blinds need not be expensive, they can start as low as 10.00 and a floor to ceiling vertical for sliding doors can be bought for as little as 40.00.

These days you can even buy suede fabric blinds which may be nice for a more masculine touch. There is also an option on a sun shield panel blind, which obviously cuts down the sunshine in your home. This will minimize fading of your furniture and carpets from sunshine.

If you have teenagers in the house, they may enjoy the denim roller blinds that are available. If the thought of all that shopping fuss is bothering you, then it is very easy to order on line and get home delivery.

Will it increase the value of a home? Well, it may increase the desirability, but as the outlay is fairly low, it may not actually increase monetary value. However, if a prospective buyer does not like blinds, they can just be forever left open, or taken completely away.

However, nearly everyone wants privacy on the one hand and big windows on the other so blinds get around this dilemma;  because of this blinds do make your home a more desirable proposition. 

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