Success starts With A Plan

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/2/2008 | Advertising
Everything successful starts with a plan and selling is no exception. It does not matter what you are selling. It can be insurance or real estate, advertising or cars. It all requires networking at the highest level or just simply communicating with people either face to face or via any of the modern systems you like. It does not really matter but communicate you must.

We have all heard the story of the successful car salesman that sent out thank you notes, birthday cards and purchase anniversary cards to all his past clients and prospects. A simple act with a subtle sales message embedded in it that produced a ton of business and made him very successful. Of course there are scores of variations on this theme but very successful salespeople follow through and continue this year after year.

So plan to contact a specified number of people every day. Break it down into types of contacts and methods. Do not make it too difficult. Ring ten new contacts or existing prospects (anybody you are not currently doing business with). Talk to two new people in a public place. Preferably people you have noticed on a regular basis like shop assistants or fellow commuters. Email any number of old clients with useful information.

In everything you do try to follow up. Always follow up current clients, No exceptions.

There is no secret to being successful. Just look successful and dress appropriately to look successful for your position. Talk like a successful person and believe you are successful without appearing arrogant. Keep up the accumulation of contacts, most of them probably will not buy from you but they all talk to other people and your public awareness will grow exponentially. Along with that will come the increasing success and wealth.

This is true of small town sales people and internet whiz kids.Get out there and get your name spread around. Garnish your reputation with a respected name for good service and valued advice. Always remember the basics of honest dealing with people, a ready smile and remember to say thank you. Two very powerful words often forgotten these days.

Selling is not difficult or complicated and you should not make your plans difficult, otherwise it can get very hard to implement the plan you have decided on. You can put whatever you like in your plan. But try to keep it simple. Keep working with it. At the beginning fine tune it or even change it. But when you have got it right use it throughout your sales career.
Plan, focus, follow through, succeed and enjoy a happy life.